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    Been a member since last June, but a lurker until Steve's generous offer prodded me to start posting away.

    As a short way of introduction, I am a regular guy (more or less… some may say less…) who started an amateur racing team in 2003, racing a 2002 Corvette Z06 in the Sports Car Club of America with some success. More info about my racing efforts can be found on my racing website: www.c66racing.com
    After losing a motor during the 2003 season while running a popular 15w50 synthetic, I took the time to learn more about oils, finding I didn’t really know much. After months of research, including reviewing hundreds of used oil analysis reports, I decided to switch to AMSOIL synthetics and have been using AMSOIL exclusively in my Z06, as well as my F350 tow vehicle and my wife’s Chevy Trailblazer ever since. After two seasons with AMSOIL, I’ve had no lubrication related failures, and won the 2004 SCCA Midwest Division T1 class championship along the way. After switching to AMSOIL, I signed my race team up as an AMSOIL Dealer as a way to offset my racing expenses. More info on AMSOIL can be found on my dealer website at: www.c66racing-synthetics.com

    Some of the info related to my decision to switch to AMSOIL can be found on this page of my dealer website: AMSOIL Performance Tests

    As I have other… uh… full time employment, I make all of my AMSOIL sales via the Corporate AMSOIL store, and all products shipped to my customers come from one of the 11 regional AMSOIL Distribution centers. Thus, if I am otherwise disposed, my customers can still order and receive their products in a timely fashion direct from AMSOIL, normally 2 business days. Any sales via the Corporate AMSOIL store using my dealer number (1206638) as a reference benefit my raceteam.

    To order at retail, please follow the instructions on this page of my website: AMSOIL Ordering Information
    The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program allows purchasing at wholesale, the same price I pay and about 20-25% under retail. For those who plan on purchasing more than about $100 of lubricants per year, this program is worth the $20 annual membership fee.

    AMSOIL makes many exceptional products for tow rigs, including but not limited to:
    AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic 5w30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil
    AMSOIL SAE 15w40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil
    Power Core Air Filters
    Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Induction System
    AMSOIL Ea Air Filter
    AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter

    AMSOIL also carries a full line of diesel fuel modifiers, tranny and diff fluids, and retails Donaldson and Wix filters and Bosch MicroEdge wiper blades.
    You can see the exact AMSOIL products available for your tow rig via the
    AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide
    Or, for those interested in seeing the full lineup of products:

    Request a free AMSOIL Retail Catalog

    I've only been an AMSOIL dealer for about two years now, but I thoroughly researched the product before shifting to it in my Vette. Since then I've become a certified AMSOIL dealer, and spent untold hours on the oil forums reading and learning. While I'll admit I am not the most knowledgeable guy around, I have learned a lot and I'll try to share my knowledge in a fair and unbiased way. While many will feel I'm advocating AMSOIL only to make a few dollars, I stand to lose way more than I make if I lose another Z06 motor, and I use AMSOIL because I honestly feel that it is the best oil for my vehicles.

    If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM or email me at c66racing@hotmail.com. waytogo
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