Installed Aero 5050 & FloPro downpipe

Discussion in 'Dodge 3rd Gen Cummins 6.7 (24v)' started by 2007CUMMINZ, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Ordered a FloPro downpipe & Aero 5050 turbine jet engine from Diesel Power Products a couple weeks ago and finally got them installed.


    I have much more turbo/engine noise now.. From inside the truckk I can tell no difference in loadness of tailpipe. My theory behind 5050 is maybe it will help "suck" exhaust from DPF and engine. I should tow in next couple weeks and will see if my EGTs are lower. The ProFlo only came with one bung for the large coupling and not one for the temp guage. I had machine shop fabricate one for me and Muffler Masters welded it one for me today. It does seem to have more power. Time will tell. It is great looking muffler if you can call it that.



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