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    Hey all, I've Googled this subject, joined other forums, asked friends, even posted a question in a Suburban/Tahoe/Silverado group on Facebook which.....well, I shouldn't have done that. Anyway...

    I've got an 09 Suburban 5.3 4WD. I've got XL passenger tires (not LT) Air Lift 1000 air bags in the rear springs, stock suspension otherwise, I've got a Hypertech Programmer, but only being used currently to deactivate the cylinder deactivation (if you ask, I'll answer, if you already know, great).

    Looking at buying a Toy Hauler Camper 28-30'. I'd like to tow 9-10,000 lbs if need be, completely loaded. I didn't think far enough ahead to see that I'd need a 3/4 ton or more and so I'm looking to upgrade this rig. I've scoured previous threads and I think I have the direction I need to go.

    My question is for those that have already spent this type of money. How much? Lol. Again, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THESE MODS. It's that simple.

    Tranny, TC and larger trans cooler upgrades are what I'm looking at. Im thinking about $2K. Still need to add break controller, load and sway bars and I'm sure a few more things.

    At this point I'm not certain of my gear ratio, I do know that if you don't stay in the throttle or use the gear shift switch on the stick this pig will be in 4th gear by 35 mph.

    So, any and all info welcome. I'd really like to put a ballpark dollar figure on this project, get the proper knowledge and maybe a recommendation on who to send it to in the central Ohio area. Thanks in advance.
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