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    Who owns a MDT and uses it for a tow rig/work truck? Looking at the one ton range I wanted something a bit bigger and after looking on Pirate 4x4 I noticed quite a few guys building or swapping up to the MDT platform.

    So far I have looked at Ford, oddly enough I have looked at Ford the least. Mostly the

    Kodiak DuraMax and Allison combo have stood out to me as it can be had with four wheel drive. Also my assistant who is three and a half years old likes the Kodiak the most due to Transformers and the character Ironhide.

    International also has the CXT and MXT. I know the CXT gained popularity with A list celebrities and the MXT has made it's own foot print in Hollywood via Fast and Furious films with The Rock.

    Also Freightliner has the FL60/70/90 Series which is fairly popular I know the come equipped with a Cat 8.3 and 5.9 Cummins in some cases, but that's about all I know about them.

    Now I'm going to ask if you own a MDT what is your mileage, where your truck is legally tops out, where you have personally topped your load out and self safe, what combo are you using as far as engine and transmission.

    What is your annual maintenance cost, how much do you spend on tires on average (Also tire size), and how much time is lost due to down time.

    I'm wanting a truck that can fit four to five men comfortably, handle 20K to 35K loads safely, be able to haul equipment on a gooseneck and material. I don't mind air brakes or a manual. I'm also wanting something I can use for personal desires and that's adequate for occasional family duty.

    Also I will be looking at older trucks ten to twenty years old due to price.

    Thanks for your input and time.

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