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    Up for sale is my 1997 K2500 Series 4x4 pick up. The truck has the Silverado Package which includes power everything. Truck is extremely clean. With NO rust or rot on the whole thing.

    This vehicle has many new parts. and runs extremely well.

    The truck had the injection pump replaced at 92,000 miles as part of a warranty deal with General Motors.

    The truck has recently had the following items replaced:

    - Heath PMD and Heat Sink
    - Heath High Output Lift Pump
    - 3 inch down pipe and 4 inch exhaust form SS Diesel
    - New Crossover gaskets and flanges from SS Diesel
    - 2 year old Die Hard heavy duty deep cycle batteries 770 CCA
    - 2 year old Glow Plug controller
    - 2 Year old high heat glow plugs which still work great
    - New CDR valve
    - Brand New Front Rotors, Pads and Hubs.
    - New Ignition Switch (Standard Electric Part)
    - Heath Diesel Turbo Master
    - Tranny fluid Changed and new filter at 115,000 miles.
    - Oil changed every 3000 miles with Lucas added to it every time
    - Grounds have been gone over and cleaned and re tightened.

    The truck now has 135,000 miles on it. It runs extremely well and averages around 17 MPG on the highway.

    Also included with the sale of the vehicle is a 2.5 inch lift/leveling kit for the truck. It is brand new in the box. New keys for the front and blocks and U bolts for the rear.

    Any questions please email me or call 631-806-3169.
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    pics price location?

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