P1689 Code

Discussion in 'Dodge 2nd Gen Cummins 5.9 (24v)' started by Kansas Ridge, Jan 31, 2009.

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    :D:DDoes anybody know what this code is? I had washed my truck (2002 H.O. Cummins) back in early Nov. prior to getting our typical wintery cold weather here in Alberta and the ABS light came on and stayed on. In the last 3 months it sat in the garage my son used it briefly once and I took it out last week-end for my youngest son's hockey game driving it 140 miles and everything was fine. The following morning on my way to work after driving 70 miles the ABS and the parking brake light come on and stay lit when the temperature outside is reading approx. 5 deg. F. I flashed the codes to see P 1689 14 hrs later and drove a short distance to fill up and the ABS and parking brake light was still on. After putting in 29 U.S. gals. I started the truck and it has never come on again. Since then I have put on 300 miles (hockey!!!) and the code shows but the warning lights do not appear like everything seems normal. This truck would still be in my garage for the remainder of the winter if it had not been for my wife's car getting hit in the parking lot by a young male driver backing out of a parking spot while I was driving! First accident in 30 years, thank-god nobody was hurt and he assumed full liability. Her car is all wheel drive and I really prefer driving my '93 GMC 2500 6.5 during the winter. Both trucks are standards and 2wd but of course the Dodge is now the 5th wheel puller. As a side note Up Here I've been following your posts for the past couple of years on a few different sites and would like to congradulate you on your new 6.7 purchase. May you have many miles of enjoyable, trouble-free motoring.;)

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