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    hi im posting a question for my friend .
    he has a 2002 f550 he tows his 5 th wheel camper about 1500 miles a year it weights 13.000 lbs plus some junk inside
    the 550 does fine but only gets 13.8 mpg empty and 9-10 mpg with the camper. it is a 7.3 powerstroke
    as well loaded with all equipment it is topping 26001 and he has no intention of getting a cdl so he is limited to what he can haul on the trip
    the f 550 weights 9020 with about 60 gallons of fuel on board
    he wants to downgrade to a f 350 drw so mileage and cost of tires will be with in his means .
    what he is told is that a f350 drw will have to have a jake brake installed to have the ability to stop the trailer it is tandem axle with brakes on both axles .
    what loads and mileage from real life experianced f350 owners have hauled will help him debate this topic .
    thanks in advance

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