Students looking for 35'+5' Trailer Project

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    I am an ag. teacher in College Station, Tx teaching the Practicum in Ag. Mech. course. This course is designed for our 4th year students who excel in the areas of weling and fabrication. I have two students who are looking to build a large trailer for their final project in our program as a team to exhibit at major livestock shows. As their teacher I can testify to their work ethic and capabilities. Over the past few years they have constructed a 16' BP lowboy trailer, 14' GN grain trailer and several other metal projects for show. The work we perform here surpasses industry standards and we make sure everything passes my high level of expectation.

    We are looking for someone who would be interested in fudning a GN 35'+5' project. The customer would pay for all material costs, entry fees for 3 shows and a shop fee of $500 to cover our consumables. We would begin construction in October and complete it the first of February. It would be shown in San Angelo, Houston, Brazos County and Blinn project shows. After exhibition the customer would assume ownership. The current bill of materials is for a 35+5 with the dovetail being angle iron, foldable ramps, torque tube and 12x19 Ibeam frame. The costs for this specific trailer is around $9,000 (include shop fee). We can build smaller trailers if a 40' would be too big.

    Thanks for taking a look and email me if you are interested If you have an old trailer needing to be replaced or are looking to get into the business this will be a great oppritunity. I can email the materials for interested people to look over.

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