torsion axle came loose and ruined tire

Discussion in 'Trailers' started by opcruzer, Dec 13, 2012.

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    We have a 2010 PJ 20' (16'/4') manual tilt car hauler with 2-7k rubber torsion axles and the front axle on the drivers side is loose. The 2 large bolts that bolt the axle to the frame are loose and I can move it back and forth almost an inch, so that tells me the holes are ovaled out now as well. One of my co-workers just returned the trailer and told me he had a flat and the tire is showing threads in one spot like the brake locked. This tire has been replaced 2-3 times because of uneven wear. Needless to say the trailer is headed to an alignment shop to be repaired.

    How far off does the axle need to be to ruin tires like this? Has anyone else ever experienced this? We have adjusted the brakes a couple times with little to no change in tire wear on this side of the front axle. The other 3 tires are all 50% still.

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