Tow mirrors?

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    Not sure if this is the right place, if not sorry.

    I have a 2007 2500HD Classic that was/is equipped with the LB3 power/heated/signal/power folding mirrors. I hate the fact that the mirrors are totally worthless with any kind of trailer on it. I bought a set of "OEM" quality tow mirrors from eBay and when they arrived they were in a kool vue boxes. I had heard a bunch of bad things about them, but decided to give em a try anyways.

    Get them installed and the driver side mirror maxes out left before it gets far enough over to be worth using, so I manually push it over so I can actually see the road. Set the memory on the door and when I hit it the mirrors go crazy. Also noticed the mirrors are very jerky when adjusting.

    Is this a normal problem? Would a set from the dealer have to same problems? If so what do I just need to flash the BCM and delete the memory mirrors?

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